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ARAGONITE Earth Connection

ARAGONITE Earth Connection

Aragonite appears in white, yellow, gold, green, blue and brown. It can be chalky and fibrous or translucent and transparent with distinct protrusions that look like small cubes. It is found in Namibia, Britain, and Spain. 


Aragonite is an earth healing and grounding stone. It aids in times of stress by allowing you to connect to the earth and calm down. It transforms Earth stress and clears blocked ley lines. This wonderful earth stone, balances the base and earth chakra’s, deepening your connection with the earth. It also enables you to connect to your childhood or other areas in the past. Psychologically, Aragonite teaches patience and acceptance. It combats oversensitivity and encourages delegation when overloaded. It’s practical energy encourages discipline and reliability and aids in developing a pragmatic approach to life. Mentally this stone enables you to concentrate on the matter at hand and brings flexibility and tolerance to your mind. It gives insight to the cause of problems and situations.  Emotionally aragonite combats anger and emotional stress. It provides strength and support. Physically, this stone makes you feel comfortable and well within your own body. It combats disease, especially in the nervous system while stabilizing and grounding the body. Spiritually, aragonite stabilizes spiritual development that is out of our control. Calming and centering, it restores balance and prepares for meditation  by raising vibrations to a high spiritual level and bringing energy to the physical body. Healing, aragonite warms the extremities, bringing energy through the body. It treats Raynaud’s disease and chills. It heals bones, aids calcium absorption, and restores elasticity to discs. It reduces pain, stops night twitches and muscle spasms. It also strengthens the immune system. It can be placed on a map to heal stress lines on the earth. Aragonite can be placed over affected area or bathe with elixir. Place it under your pillow for a good nights sleep. Can also be worn as jewelry or held in the hands. 

Stone is approximately 1/2" by 1/2" by 1/2". Each stone is unique as to appearance, size and shape.