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BISMUTH MED Connection to All


Bismuth appears as a square or pyramidal metal shapes piled on each other in silver with pinkish hues but tarnishes iridescent. It has been found in Russia and Germany since the Middle Ages. The name is thought to evolve from the Greek word for “lead white”. It has hardness rating on the Moh’s scale of 2-2.5. Bismuth vibrates to the number 2. Bismuth in its geometric laboratory grown form is fairly common, while the natural form is quite rare. This wonderful element even though laboratory grown has many amazing qualities. Bismuth has been used as a “stone of transformation” actualizing the power of wisdom. It activates the crown and higher chakras and sends kundalini energy back down through the physical body to energize the root and earth star chakras. This mineral can be used to transition from the physical plane to the astral plane connecting with Universal Energies. With its interlocking shapes Bismuth assists in group communication and common goal completion. It helps those who feel isolated to move toward acceptance in a group atmosphere. Healing: Bismuth has been used to reduce fevers and in lessening catatonic states. It is also used for stomach and intestinal disorders. It also strengthens the body and provides extra energy to the central nervous system. Position: Use in a grid, or hold in energy field. Essences can be used in the aura to energize the bodies.