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CARDAMOM 5ml Elettaria Cardamomum

CARDAMOM 5ml Elettaria Cardamomum

Cardamom is a close relative of Ginger and is native to Southeast Asia. Its properties include: Antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, decongestant, diuretic and many more! Common Primary Uses: Ease digestion, promotes clear breathing and respiratory health, cooking spice and many others. Historical Uses: Cardamom has been known as an expensive cooking spice for centuries. It has been used to soothe stomach discomfort and promote a positive mood. Body Systems Affected: Digestive and Respiratory System. Cardamom helps individuals regain objectivity, mental sobriety and self control. It helps those who have difficulty controlling their anger. It encourages respect and tolerance for others. This oil also promotes clear thinking. Companion Oils: Thyme, Serenity and Oregano Application: Can be applied without dilution topically or diluted 1:3 with a carrier oil for children and those with sensitive skin. Apply to reflex points or directly on area of concern or diffuse. You can also diffuse, or inhale the aroma directly. This is a wonderful oil to have in your medicine cabinet! Stop by the store to learn more about this special blend. We also provide a FREE Zyto compass hand scan report when you purchase two or more doTerra Oils!