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CHAROITE Transformation

CHAROITE Transformation

Charoite is a rare mineral found in Siberia named after the Charo River. It is violet and sometimes includes quartz crystals. It vibrates to the number 7 and is associated with the astrological signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio. Known as a “stone for this age” Charoite provides a bridge between the heart and crown chakras to combine higher spiritual dimensions with unconditional love from the physical plane. For those interested in a path of service, this stone activates inner knowledge that can lead you to find your perfect calling. Charoite transmutes negative energy and assists is staying grounded while connect with spiritual realms. It also helps overcome resistance to the spiritual path and self sabotage. It also increases psychic abilities and protection when worn for long periods of time. Healing: Charoite stimulates the third eye, crown and heart chakras helping to heal mental, emotional and physical traumas while strengthening the body and energy field. It is also can excellent cleanser when taken an an elixir. Position: Hold the stone while in meditation to seek wisdom or connection with other realms. You can also wear it on your body as appropriate or use in a grid for healing the earth or others in need. Disperse gem essence around the aura, especially around the heart chakra. Stop by our store to experience this wonderful stone’s properties for yourself! 

Stone is approximately 1" by 1/2" by 1/2". Each stone is unique as to appearance, size and shape.