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HuMandalas are a guided movement meditation for groups to get in sync with other people & nature using intentional connection, toning & visualization. Learn to align our biorhythms to the universal patterns of nature through guided interactions, mirroring the Sacred Geometry of creation. The HuMandala technique, created by Daniel Levy, has similarities to qigong, yoga, reiki and sacred dance. It is an easy way to grasp the ancient principles of bio-energetic cultivation and power of intention. HuMandalas are enjoyable, enlightening and accessible to people of any background, in particular those with interest in sound therapy/toning, sacred art, conscious movement, massage, meditation, & new age thought. Create mandala patterns with connected hands, movement and visualization. Utilize the power of intention and imagination to consciously co-create more beauty in the world. Use this 52 hexcard deck to guide your group into a healing and transformational activity.