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Larimar (also known as Blue Pectolite or Dolphin Stone)  appears in blue, blue-green, or deep blue (called volcanic blue).  It is translucent, smooth with whirls of color or white veins showing through the base color.  It can be found in th eDominican Republic and the Bahamas.

Larimar relates to the Astrological Signs of Leo and Cancer, and vibrates to the master number 55.

Larimar was discovered recently and is an etheric stone for Earth healing.  It represents peace and clarity and emits healing and love energy.    Larimar promotes tranquility and allows one to achieve a deeply meditative state. 

Larimar naturally raises consciousness and tunes the body and soul to higher vibrations. 
Spiritually, it allows the soul to connect with the Angels and other higher realms.  It helps see the Self from outside the realm of personal reality. It can be used to remove attached entities.
Psychologically, this stone removes self-sabotaging behavior, especially martyrdom.  It aids in relieving guilt and removing fear. 
Mentally, Larimar brings serenity and clarity of thought. 
Emotionally, this lovely stone brings calmness, healing emotional trauma and renewing a playful feeling to the heart.
Physically, it has been used to stimulate the heart, throat, 3rd eye, and crown chakras.

Healing: To remove attached entities, position over the heart, 3rd eye or solar plexus gently stroke over the body.  It promotes self healing for throat conditions and other ailments in the heart, chest, head and neck area. 

Position:  Placed on a painful spot, it will quietly draw out the pain.  Use as a reflexology tool to clear meridians of the body.  Hold or wear for prolonged periods, also good to use on the feet.

Larimar can be used in a grid to bring peace and healing energy to an environment.

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