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Meet our Staff

Meet our Staff!

We have a great staff, who are here to help you find what you need on your spiritual path!

Chris - Store ManagerChris is our General Manager, an Oglala Sioux with an extensive metaphysical background.  He is also the Founder  of "FUTURE GHOST", an acclaimed paranormal research team.




Christian is one of our Sales Gods. He has studied magick for a little over two years and, although still new, has growing knowledge of Astrology, invocation, spellwork and using stones and crystals in healing. Stop by and say Hi! 



 Dani is our Store Manager. She is a self-proclaimed "eclectic witch" dabbling in different forms of magick and divination. She loves working with her cats and the element of fire. Blessed be! 



 Danielle is one of our Sales Goddesses. She primarily enjoys working with all things nature related including: animals, herbalism, gardening, the Green Man, and more. In addition, she is self-studying the shamanism path and has a knowledge of chakras, crystals, astrology, energy, and some deities in different pantheons.