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Meet our Staff


Meet our Staff!

We have a great staff, who are here to help you find what you need on your spiritual path!

Chris - Store Manager

Chris is our General Manager, an Oglala Sioux with an extensive metaphysical background.  He is also a paranormal researcher who has been featured on several Travel Channel and Discovery + programs.


Nichole, one of our Sales Goddesses, is a self-proclaimed Jane-of-many-trades.  While she is very hands-on with crystal and candle work, she enjoys continuously educating herself in all areas of the metaphysical.  Nichole believes each of us are on our own unique journey, and is eager to help others explore what will help them along their path.

Sabrina is one of our Sales Goddesses who has extensive knowledge of astrology, palmistry and tarot. A student of life, she has experience with several other metaphysical aspects and is always happy to share her wisdom with others.