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PINK OPAL Karmic Stone

PINK OPAL Karmic Stone

Stone of spiriutal awakening and renewal.  Teaches love and nonviolence.

Pink Opal ranges in color from pink, to pink and white to lavender and cream.  It is found in the United States and is associated with the astrological signs of Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius.  It vibrates to the number 6.
Pink Opal is a stone of spiritual awakening aiding in connecting with the higher self. Opals are generally associated with past lives and the world of dreams, and these are the places from which old wounds can come to the surface. Sleeping with Pink Opal or holding it during a past-life regression session helps one resolve painful remembrances with gentleness and compassion for oneself.
Pink Opal clears and calms the heart and fills your aura with tranquility and peaceful energy. It is excellent for children who have difficulty sleeping or tend to have nightmares.
It teaches love and non-violence as well as enabling easy access to a meditative state when desired.
Healing:  Pink Opal has been used in the treatment of lungs, heart and connective tissue. Gem essence applied to skin has a soothing effect.
Wear as a pendant or position it as appropriate.  Disperse gem essence around the aura, especially around the heart, solar plexus and sacral chakras.
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Stone is approximately 1" by 1/2" by 1/2". Each stone is unique as to appearance, size and shape.