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Shungite appears black, light graphite and may have metallic luster. It has been found in Karelia, northern Russia. Shungite is at least two billion years old and because of its carbon based nature it may have been instrumental in creating life on earth. Shungite purified the water of Lake Onega (where it was found) which was then used as a healing spa for hundreds of years. Shungite contains virtually all the minerals in the periodic table of elements. As a result this stone is an excellent shield from electromagnetic frequency emissions. A group of English scientists received a Nobel prize in 1996 for their discovery of this mineral. Wear Shungite or place it on the source of EMF emissions such as computers and cell phones to eliminate their detrimental effect on your energy systems. Psychologically, Shungite cleanses emotions and thoughts and encourages wisdom from experience. Physically, Shungite purifies water by absorbing pollutants that are hazardous to our health. Shungite infused water is drunk two to three times a day to eliminate symptoms of disease. A Shungite pyramid placed by the bed counteracts insomnia, headaches and stress. Healing: Shungite is considered to cure almost all types of illness and distress from immune disorders to asthma, inflammation, organ diseases to nerve disorders, Position: Place on the body or on a grid to protect the energy field and stimulate healing on all energetic levels. Drink activated Shungite water several times a day. Stop by the store to learn how to create healing water with Shungite!

Stone is approximately 1" by 1”. Each stone is unique as to appearance, size and shape.