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PYRITE DOLLAR-Shield Negative Energy

PYRITE DOLLAR-Shield Negative Energy

Pyrite crystallizes in many forms including stalactites, cubes and dodecahedral crystals. It is a shiny golden yellow color and is named after the Greek word for “fire” as it produces sparks when struck with steel. It vibrates to the number 3 and is associated with the astrological sign of Leo. Pyrite possesses the ability to shield one from many forms of negative energy on the physical, emotional and etheric levels. It symbolizes the warmth/lasting presence of the sun and promotes good health and feelings of well being. Mentally, it stimulates the powers of the intellect, enhancing memory and recall of important information. Psychologically, Pyrite assists in seeing behind the facades of others and understanding the real meaning behind words and actions. Healing: It has been used in the treatment of both the structure and composition of bones. It also aids in the treatment of lung diseases and prevents and repairs DNA/RNA damage. It also aids in reduction of fever and inflammation. Pyrite in Quartz further amplifies the qualities of this stone. Position: Place on the body to protect the energy field and stimulate healing on all energetic levels. 

approximately 2-3 inches. Each stone varies in appearance, shape and size