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Reader Bios

Aleta Sira Ras~Tarot Cards and Intuitive.  Aleta started doing professional psychic readings in 1987.  She started her training at age twelve and was taught automatic writing by her guides and angels.  Born with psychic abilities, metaphysical interests have been a part of her life since she was very young. 
John ThunderHeart~ Psychic, Medium & Healer.   John is a psychic, healer and shamanic practitioner with over 30 years of experience. He has been doing readings and workshops at the Celebration Metaphysical Fairs for over a decade in both Denver and Colorado. He has trained under Doreen Virtue as a certified Angel Card reader and uses a combination of Intuitive Guidance, Mediumship, Psychometry & various Oracle decks in his readings. He focuses on “Life Path” issues & is able to tap into what is going on in a person’s life and what they need to work on in order to achieve greater peace and understanding. John has also released Native American flute & didgeridoo CDs for sound healing & meditation.  

Lisa Camerlo ( Psychic Medium, Palmistry ). Lisa Camerlo is a psychic medium who specializes in palmistry. She enjoys palmistry because touch is one of her many gifts. She is of Italian, Greek, and Russian Gypsy decent and she utilizes many of the old religious beliefs of her culture in this experience. She offers many types of insight through meditation and energy, to tarot and runes, as well as traditional gypsy oracle cards.


Nancy Blackmore~Numerology, Dream Interpretation, Past Lives, Palmistry, Tarot, Energy Balancing.  Nancy has been serving the public in spiritual and psychic counseling for over 30 years and is a level III addiction counselor at Colorado State Hospital.  She has been an ordained minister for 22 years and does angel & spirit guide channeling, home and property energy clearings, paranormal services, aura & color healing, rescripting, and ear acupuncture.  She has worked the Celebration fairs since 1977 and is very well known and valued in the spiritual community.
Peggy Heart~Tarot card reader, Crystal & Stone Healings.  Peggy is an empathic intuitive with a passion for metaphysical & spiritual beliefs.  She has trained and studied with Melody and Patrice in the Chicago-land area in the disciplines of stone and tarot.  She has been doing private readings for over 10 years as well as teaching classes on tarot, crystals, color, numerology, meditation and creativity. 
 Robin Rakoff~Angelic Channeled Readings, Numerology.   Robin is a third  generation clairvoyant and   clairaudient medium. Receive positive spiritual  guidance through her intuitive readings using Angel Healing   cards and   Numerology. Let her help you discover enlightenment, personal growth and   your life purpose.   

Shaun Michael Crusha - Psychic Medium, Tarot & Oracle Card Reader. Shaun has been conducting readings and paranormal investigations worldwide for several years and has been featured on Travel Channel's Haunted Case Files and Portals To Hell. He loves connecting with people and helping them on their journey. He is an Empath and uses a combination of Intuitive Guidance and Mediumship to receive messages. He focuses on helping clients see a future from a healing and positive perspective in order to achieve greater peace and understanding, asking angels and spirit guides to open a path of vision and clarity to those who are seeking peace of mind, clarity, hope in for them in a time of need. 

Xian- Tarot reader, Occult specialist and Astrologer. Xian has studied the occult for 4 years, mainly focusing on the Hermetic and Ceremonial arts. Through the use of Tarot and Astrology, they can pinpoint the shadowside issues, and subprograms holding you back, so that you may clearly make the steps and decisions needed to further your self development. Whether asking advice on spellwork or magical pathworking, or just a general Tarot reading, Xian will help you find the answers you seek.

 Kristina Leonora (Tarot/Oracle Magic, Twin Flame/Divine Love Coaching, Energy Healing) 

Kristina is gifted with clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. She uses cards in her readings as visual cues in communication with her guides and yours. With honesty and compassion, Kristina can help you tune into your internal navigation system so you can move forward with confidence and clarity of purpose. She is a reiki master and Kolaimni energy healer.


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ritual Reader and Psychic guide. Jonathan has been passionate about spirituality and metaphysics since as long as he can remember.  He calls himself a spiritual reader and psychic guide, but he loves to learn, share, teach, and explore in all realms of metaphysics, spirituality, and the universe.  Jonathan utilizes tools such as the tarot, oracle cards, crystals, and meditation to help each one of his guests to help themselves by and through spirit in each their hearts. Take a journey with Jonathan and spirit friends on a guided meditation to meet your angels and guides, experience a chakra balancing, or draw some cards to discover the guidance and affirmation that you seek and desire from within.  Join him for a reading and learn to connect with and discover your own spiritual/psychic abilities as well.  Jonathan has studied and practiced extensively with many of his close, personal mentors.  He has been working the Colorado metaphysical fairs for the past few years and he looks forward to building relationships with his guests at Celebration Metaphysical Center.