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SNOW QUARTZ Supports Learning

SNOW QUARTZ Supports Learning

Snow Quartz, also known as Quartzite, is a milky white quartz which has firmly compacted grains for quartz as its composition. It is found worldwide. It is associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn and vibrates to the number 3. Snow Quartz helps support your emotional and mental states while experiencing challenges in life. Learning lessons from these challenges can be difficult but with the aide of Snow Quartz one can understand the higher purpose of these lessons. This special stone enhances the ability to cooperate with others and remain tactful in stressful situations. It helps you think before you speak. Those who feel victims of circumstances can use Snow Quartz to avoid feeling overwhelmed and out of control. Snow Quartz was used as the center stone in many Native American ceremonies to help with group cohesiveness. In meditation, this stone helps connect with inner wisdom of your Self and the Universe. Healing Snow Quartz can be used in any circumstance where Clear Quartz is needed. It is gentler in its vibration but just as effective. Position: Hold the stone while in meditation to seek wisdom or connection with other realms. You can also wear it on your body as appropriate. Stop by our store to experience this wonderful stone’s properties for yourself! 

Stone is approximately 1/2" by 1/2" by 1/2". Each stone is unique as to appearance, size and shape.